The business world is quickly becoming more technology based and communication is much easier because of it. Email has replaced snail mail and the pandemic forced the age of virtual meetings upon us even if we weren’t comfortable with it.

Used in the right way technology can help us run our businesses more efficiently.

Web Conferencing

Enabling employees to be more productive, web conferencing was used extensively during the pandemic and really helped home workers to carry on doing their jobs remotely. The technology has been around since 2003 when Skype was the brand of choice and the name even became a verb. We have changed that verb to Zoom in recent years, but there are other options out there, and it’s worth doing a little research if you want to go for a paid system.

These systems can add a lot of value to a business, such as teaching sessions, conferencing with other countries, employee evaluations, business presentations. Used in the right way they can save you money and time.

Saving time became a feature of web conferencing once remote work became more normalised, and it’s flexibility is obvious. Once the commute is gone the video conference can be done anywhere with an internet connection. It can even allow the user to turn off their camera if they feel uncomfortable being seen, or to mute their microphone if they wish.

Flexibility works both ways and video conferences can be tailored to allow for one speaker who is being filmed to be seen by an audience of hundreds that are hidden, but allowed to comment. This is a great set up for a teaching situation or a lecture. There are screen share options that allow attendees to see a powerpoint on screen, and there can be voting options or hands-up options (depending on the system), so the chairman can gauge opinion on a chosen topic or meeting issue.

Screen Share

Similar to the web conference software sometimes it’s only necessary to share a screen. If you are just communicating with one person and you want to teach them something, or demonstrate a procedure, then a screen share is a good option. Most software programs will offer audio features, but sharing a screen while on the phone is perfectly fine and more comfortable for those who are not so tech-savvy. It is probably one step away from video conferencing but just as useful.

VoIP Phone Systems

Traditional telephone technology utilizes copper lines for voice communication, while a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system relies on an internet connection. Their reputation was adversely affected during the initial years, leading to a sense of disappointment among numerous businesses. This is because the technology was still in its early stages, coupled with the limited development of the internet infrastructure, which hindered seamless functioning of VoIP services.

In recent years, the prevalence of high-speed business broadband has significantly increased, leading to a notable enhancement in the reliability of this technology. VoIP systems are now widely regarded as superior to conventional telephone systems, with the added bonus that it is like a superhero when it comes to saving money. It’s much cheaper than traditional systems which are gradually being phased out.

They also offer superior functions far beyond the capabilities of traditional phone systems. For example, call transfers become much easier. A caller can be put through to anyone in the company whether they are at home, on their mobile phone, or hot desking. Voicemails can be stored as text and emailed to the recipient in addition to the recorded call. Phone training in call centres can be done more easily with call listening, or call whispering where the supervisor gives instruction but can’t be heard by the customer. The technology for VoIP systems is amazing and ever growing.

Project Management Tools

Running a busy office necessitates strong organizational skills, and project management software serves as an invaluable tool to enhance operational efficiency. For teams tasked with completing assignments and meeting deadlines, these systems are highly recommended. They can be configured with well-defined deadlines, comprehensive task details, and provide seamless communication among team members.

Consider the scenario where your team convenes regular meetings to discuss ongoing projects. Displaying your project management software on a screen would prove vastly beneficial. Even if you can’t meet in person, this software keeps everyone updated on what’s happening, and instantly updates their to-do lists. It’s definitely a valuable tool that is capable of saving time and mitigating stress levels.

Communicating on the internet is a piece of cake these days, like second nature to us. But imagine if it suddenly disappeared! Running a business without web access would be a real headache. That’s why it just makes sense to use the best business communication software out there. At System Holdings, we’ve got you covered with some top-notch tech that’ll help you collaborate with your team and keep your business thriving. Check out the whole range with link … CLICK HERE