We’re fintech specialists who help businesses worldwide benefit from new technology.

What makes our products and services so impactful?

We design them for people.

We home in on the problems they’re looking to solve and the barriers that prevent them from moving to the next level. Then, we leverage cutting-edge and emerging technologies (including AI and NLP) to create solutions and overcome those barriers.

Every element of our approach is about making people’s lives easier, whether it relates to functionality, ease of implementation or cost-effectiveness.

As a result, we help businesses of all sizes to boost agility and save money. For example, Xpert Technologies is streamlining financial and business management processes for SMEs across the UK, while award-winning Salhan Accountants is renowned for technological innovation and exceptional customer service.

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Dr Anjulika Salhan
CEO, System Holdings

To make it easy for SMEs to leverage the best fintech, cost-effectively – so their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.




We explore emerging technologies and tech applications that help SMEs streamline processes and drive growth.


Great fintech should be accessible to everyone – in terms of price, functionality and support. Our services and software help facilitate that.


People are behind every business – from the directors and staff to their customers and suppliers. We ensure everything we do makes their lives better.

With a focus on cutting-edge financial technologies, we provide everything from accountancy services, robotic automation, deep analytics, cloud-based accounting software and HR management software.



Transforming Tomorrow, Today: Where cutting-edge technology innovation meets insight in the financial landscape.

As a forward-thinking group of companies, we have seamlessly integrated the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into many facets of our services.  By embracing cutting-edge technology, we can effortlessly conduct rapid computations and present complex data in simplified formats.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a wave of modernisation, revolutionising the industry by automating traditionally manual tasks in accounting, financial management, and banking processes. This transformative technology goes beyond mere automation; it unlocks profound insights from the vast amounts of data generated, reshaping the landscape of investment decisions.

The integration of AI is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift reshaping the entire financial ecosystem.  Utilising its power is akin to having a reliable assistant that significantly enhances the efficiency and accessibility of financial processes.

We believe that embracing innovation isn’t just about staying current; it’s about propelling our clients toward unprecedented success. Our commitment to harnessing the advantages of AI and machine learning sets us apart, allowing us to provide unparalleled insights, streamline processes, and empower our clients to not only thrive, but also discover new avenues for growth and profitability.

System Holdings has a diverse portfolio of companies, all with the goal of enabling our customer’s success.